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Creative skills: gift or self-improvement?

What is the path of creative mastery?

Most people who are not involved in the creative industry perceive the creativity of others as a divine gift. Everyone would like to be like the Creator, but not everyone fully believes in this possibility. In the beginning was the word, and the word was created.

The true nature of creativity is transcendent. It manifests itself fully at the moment of letting go of the ego. Having parted with false ideas about oneself as an independent subject of being, a person changes the perception of the surrounding world from egocentric to diametrically opposite. To achieve this state, you need to open your mind and dissolve your own self, completely trusting the new experience. It will lead to the opening of the creative potential and the divine principle that lives in each of us.

All great creators devoted themselves to their favorite work without a trace. Many said that they were led by an unknown force that gave the visionary special insights. It helps to transcend the mind and gives an inexhaustible source of inspiration to anyone who is willing to give up the ego for it and become a guide of transcendental experience to the world of names and forms.

The main distinguishing feature of a creative person is unconditional passion, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the act of creation. Focusing on the process itself, rather than its result, allows the Creator to discover new abilities in himself. The final product of creation becomes secondary, giving way on a pedestal to extraordinary thought processes and deep experience. Thus, a unique vision is born out of pure reason, which can shift the paradigm of human thinking.

Okay, Google, what do you need to do to start creating outside of your skull? Recognize the Creator within you and embark on the path of transformation. The main thing is not to get lost when moving from words to deeds. Every Creator awakened from stereotypical thinking faces resistance from the consumer of the creative product. The cultural mainstream on autopilot rejects everything that does not fit in the minds of the collective unconscious. Therefore, many geniuses of the past died in poverty and were only recognized posthumously. O tempora, o mores! Unfriendly feedback creates doubts, and this is normal. You don’t need to strive for recognition — strive for perfection.

Mastery can only be achieved through total dedication and dedication to the creative path. You need to develop sensitivity and the ability to switch the way of thinking from logical to intuitive. This journey is directed inward and helps you come to your true nature as a Creator, tune in with the source of inexhaustible inspiration, and feel like a child again. Children are proud of each of their creations. Their ideas are sometimes crazy, their consciousness is always open and unlimited. They are much wiser and more receptive than many adults, because they have not yet realized the limits of what is allowed in the world. Their minds, though eager for approval, are not yet able to dictate the rules and norms that lead us further away from true creativity.

Meditation practices that are gaining popularity help you take control of your mind and realize your true creative nature. Concentration is an effective tool for gaining awareness and receptivity. After leaving the mind, we go to the primordial essence of being, from which all possible names and forms are manifested. When the mind is in order, it is time to become completely immersed in the state of flow.

Here we are talking about developing a unique vision, the starting point of which is to see enough. The more we immerse ourselves in the work of other creatives, the richer our imagination becomes. Combinatorics is one of the easiest ways to create something new. This exercise helps us expand the horizons of our own abilities. Making a collective image, we practice beauty, as children play with the forms given to us. This practice helps to go beyond the limits of restrictions. Being carried away by images created by people and nature, the Creator experiences the joy of the moment. It enters a state of flow and is filled with creative energy. The next step on the way to its realization is complete transcendence.

Thoughts and images that come at the moment of contact with metaphysics should be recorded immediately. They are like dreams that slip away from your memory if your attention is distracted. Use mindboards to structure your insights. The free SimpleMind app with a user-friendly interface and many features for creating smart maps will make it easier to continue working on your creative work. You can find references and improve your visibility on Pinterest, and W1D1 will help you practice combinatorics. This app will encourage you every day with push notifications and engage you in a creative game, offering you to solve a creative problem in the dance of imagination in 10 minutes.

Creativity is a game with yourself and the whole world at the same time. Once you set out on this path, you realize that there is no turning back. Creative and non-trivial solutions will become your lifestyle. You will think beyond limitations and be able to create new tools of creation on your own, awakening people’s minds to their true nature. Creative thinking takes a person back to childhood. The child is not bound by the boundaries of reason, he is not bound by the approval of society and is free to implement whatever he pleases.

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