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Legal aspects

Settlement of disputes
related to IT

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We will help you understand the legal issues and avoid possible negative consequences as well as protect your legitimate interests in case you want to develop a website, mobile application and any other projects.



Operational investigation of the situation

  • We will analyze the project and documents, provide recommendations for further actions.
500 AED1-2 days Order
Pre-trial settlement

Find a compromise

  • We will help you find the optimal solution in a conflict situation for a prompt resolution of the issue.
from 1 500 AED1-2 weeks Order
Forensic examination

Evidence base preparation

  • Conducting an independent study of the project and drawing up the necessary documentation.
from 2 500 AED2-4 weeks Order
We will take care of your project

We will prepare agreement
and statement of work

We will assist you in preparing the contract and the statement of work to implement your project. We will conduct a functional and informational analysis and provide you with a report and recommendations.

We strictly work according to statement of work

We will provide you
control and care

We will accompany your project until the launch date. We will take care of the schedule of development and ensure that the work is carried out strictly according to statement of work.

Participation in negotiations

We will defend the project
till the end the end

We will assist you submit a claim in case of breaching work duties and we will act as mediators during negotiations to protect the interests of both parties.

Judicial proceedings

We will think over every step

We will submit statement of claim in court, participate in judicial proceedings, and request technical expertise from certified specialists.

6 objective reasonsWhy choose us


Own Legal Department: A professional team of lawyers specialized in IT


We have a great experience in negotiations and finding the best and fair solutions for all conflict parties


We cooperate with lawyers with expertise in IT and we able to conduct judicial or pre-trial research of your project


We have legal practice and trials in our favor in courts where we defended the interests of one of the parties in a case related to IT project


We work carefully with the documentation and study each clause of the contract and statement of work


We strategically anticipate the steps of the opponent and also we expect the results of the negotiations

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