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With the help of the online store you will be able to attract new customers: create effective product cards, post features, configure filter settings, activate online acquiring, and add payment and delivery terms.

Prices for the development of online stores


To start sales

  • Development of an online store, if your business is at the very start of development. This is a great solution for those who value time and budget.
20 000 AED1-2 months Order

To maintain sales

  • Development of an online store for your requirements. We will analyze your area, implement the functionality that will distinguish your business from competitors.
30 000 AED1-2 months Order

To dominate the market

  • Development of an online store for complete leadership among competitors. Implementation of various services, creation of unique modules.
50 000 AED2-3 months Order

Online store functionality

With the help of the management system you will be able to add media files and texts, create cards for the products, configure filter settings, and integrate payment modules. We will help you choose the management system. In addition, we will make some functional improvements based on your requirements.

Development flexibility

High conversion rate

The conversion rate optimization strategy is an important component of the success of any online store. Our task is to make sure that your website will give profit from the first days of launch.

Unique work

No template solutions

We do not rely on ready-made templates in developing websites, so it is important for us to take into consideration everything that feature your business: from the field of activity to the corporate values.


Speed of work and continuity

When we create a website, we use modern methods to improve the programming code, which ensures fast page loading and a secure connection to the server.

Adaptive layout

Correct display on all devices

The content of your future website will be comfortable to view on both of computers and mobile devices.


Basic SEO for the website

A set of 50-step measures that will prepare the website for promotion and raise it up in the search engines and increase targeted traffic without any advertising budget. We will work to ensure that the online store begins to bring real returns immediately after launch.

Marketing development

Full coverage of the target audience

There are many tools that are used in online-marketing for attracting customers to the website. We will choose the most effective sales channels for your business and present your product in an appropriate manner. We will also help to encourage visitors to buy.

Always at hand

Control from any device

Simple and modern user interface of the online store management system that adapts to different screen sizes. The orders, products and pages are at your fingertips, and all you have to do is monitor performance and make changes instantly.


Control everything

The security of web applications is one of the most pressing issues in the context of information security. Online stores developed by our company meet modern security requirements and ensure complete data safety.


Integration with any services

Automation of the online store is an important process that allows you to get rid of routine , gain extra time and opportunities to develop and promote your business, as well as solve strategic problems. We help to create a link between your website and CRM and ERP systems, payment systems, and third-party widgets.

Clean code

Readiness for further improvements

If the programming code is not clean this will always hinder the development process of the project, which in turn leads to the exclusion of significant resources nessecary to support it. Quality department in our company monitors technology compliance and ensures a high level of coding.

How we create online storesDevelopment process

1.Brief 2.Analysis 3.Planning 4.Design 5.Layout 6.Programming 7.Content 8.Launch


Online store is ready


Discussion on the details

Together with the client, we formulate a clear business plan for the future landing page: we think about the concept of the project, we define the idea and value, the requirements and criteria of work performance, we think about the functions and determine the period of work on the project and the budget, and set the technical task. The objective of this block is to prepare complete market information, purpose features and tasks that need to be solved.

Determining the target audience

To build an effective client marketing strategy, we analyze his potential target audience. We collect information about age, gender, needs and profit and identify behavioral factors. This analysis will allow us to define the client's market and price segment, correctly identify the product, work on value proposals and choose advertising channels.

Create a structure

Based on previously collected data, we begin to design the structure of the future landing page. We create detailed prototypes, user scenarios, and build a clear hierarchy of page elements to save time when starting the development process. Also at this stage, we prepare a detailed technical plan for programmers, designers, and copywriters.

Development of UX and UI design

We draw up a Customer Journey Map. We design the website layouts, and consider the convenience and clarity of the user interface. We also create adaptive prototypes for mobile devices. We develop icons, illustrations, animations and prepare UI and typography settings.

We implement the visible part of the website

We translate graphic layouts into interactive HTML/CSS code. We also configure the correct display settings on any device, browser or operating system. We think about the styles of headings, paragraphs, and pictures, in order to facilitate the work of SEO specialists during the optimizing process of the website in search engines.

We implement the functional component of the website

We implement any functionality you may think of, using reliable development tools and modern technologies. We will choose a technical platform for the project that properly meets the mentioned requirements. We will also customize the modules. Our programmers work with our BIDUS DIGITAL CMS to manage content or use other CMS systems such as WordPress and Bitrix upon customer request.

Content publishing

After finishing the programming part, we immediately start the next phase, which is filling the website with content. We will add photos, videos, selling texts, and post helpful informational links and corporate files. In addition, you will have the opportunity to freely customize the feedback form in order to urge potential clients to take specific action.

Testing and launch

We carry out functional and technical tests. We also fill out the search settings, place the site files on the hosting company's web server and register the domain name. We also prepare instructions for working with the website.

6 objective reasonsWhy choose us


A complete team working on your project in order to implement all stages of website development


Selection of the necessary tools based on your field of activity, individual design and functionality


Working according to Agil, which ensures that you achieve high-quality and timely result


High selling ability of the website as a result of the detailed study of the marketing aspects


Clean code, browser compatibility, mobile adaptability and fast page loading speed


We guarantee a successful SEO-website promotion using technical page and server settings

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