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Comprehensive maintenance

We will ensure maximum
success for your business

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You will receive regular updates of advertising campaigns, a comprehensive plan to increase profits in addition to a fast response and strict adherence to deadlines. We guarantee 24/7 support for your project.

The cost of comprehensive service


For small business

  • Starting your business just now?
    By creating contextual advertising and technical service, we will help you to declare yourself on the market and ensure the stable operation of the site.
3 000 AED / monthIncluded: 20 hours Order

For a stable company

  • Is your business working, but you want something more?
    We will prepare advertising in Yandex and Google, write a unique content plan for social networks, set up e-mail marketing for your project.
4 000 AED / monthIncluded: 30 hours Order

For market leaders

  • Are you in demand in the market and want to maintain your leading status on a regular basis?
    We will develop and implement a CRM system, consolidate an impeccable reputation on the Internet.
5 000 AED / monthIncluded: 50 hours Order

We use all advertising channels

We will provide you with a seamless connection with your audience. You will get a chain of customer data in order to know their needs and desires by exploiting all advertising channels.


Creating a map for your promotion process

We will ensure you have constant control over every aspect of the advertising campaign. You will receive ready and effective plan for your business promotion.


We distribute work
to all team members

We execute a wide range of businesses quickly and efficiently at the same time by automating business processes.

Technical support

We solve all your
questions 24/7

We help you understand operational functions and fix errors around the clock. A wide team of professionals assist you in order to be able to quickly solve any problem on the website.

Increasing conversion rate

We aim to increase sales and brand awareness

We will develop a strategy to promote your business on the Internet. You will also get a high result in attracting a new audience in addition to increasing sales.

How we will take care of your projectMaintenance process

1.Analysis 2.Website improvement 3.Setting up advertising campaigns 4.SEO 5.Content 6.Support


The comprehensive service have been completed


Finding your customer

We will analyze your target and potential audience. We will collect information about age, gender, needs and earnings and identify behavioral factors. This analysis will allow you to define your market and cost segment, focus on the product correctly, work on value propositions, and define advertising channels.

We will help you be in trend

We create detailed prototypes, user scenarios, and build a clear hierarchy of elements. We develop icons, illustrations and animations, prepare UI-kits and typography. We will create an responsive and modern design that meets all your needs.

We will increase conversion rate

We launch contextual advertising campaigns on Google Adwords platform, and we also set up targeted advertising on social networks. You will receive an influx of new users as well as increase sales in a short period of time. We constantly monitor the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns and adjust them on a regular basis.

Reaching advanced positions in search engines

We will prepare unique information texts and a list of meta tags, and adjust the headlines to suit the requirements of search engines. Your website will appear regularly on the first pages of Google, which will attract the attention of your potential audience.

Preparing content

Searching for pictures, publishing and processing them in graphic editors. Writing unique selling texts, design headlines and paragraphs. Filling out characteristics and placing links to the internal pages of the website and other resources.

Assistance and care

You will receive technical support 24/7 for any questions related to your project. We will prepare a list of recommendations to improve the design, functionality, and search settings of the website. We will implement detailed and visual instructions for the capabilities of the control system so that you can interact with the content as comfortably as possible.

6 objective reasonsWhy choose us


A complete team working on your project in order to implement all stages of website development


Selection of the necessary tools based on your field of activity, individual design and functionality


Working according to Agil, which ensures that you achieve high-quality and timely result


We will design the structure, run various tests and study user scenarios.


Clean code, browser compatibility, mobile adaptability and fast page loading speed


We guarantee a successful SEO-website promotion using technical page and server settings

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